Facetwitt | Reblog Series #9


After reading through my old blog posts deciding which I should re-post, I didn’t realise exactly how most of my blog consisted of angry content. Reading back, I sound irrationally pissed off at things that I am probably guilty of myself – hence the repetitive “this is probably hypocritcal” slotted in almost every blog post. But for entertainment and memory’s sake – here’s another posted back in 2011.

So since I’ve been moping around at home, trying to get through books I’ve now decided I probably won’t ever get through…and since my only sources of procrastination are social networking sites, I couldn’t help but realise how much Facebook has become like Twitter.

Facebook is now the outlet of unnecessary spam consisting of statuses regarding one’s progression of each day. Dear Attention seekers, someone created Twitter for a reason.

Unless your statuses share something amusing, witty, insightful, and nearly half as interesting – I don’t see the need for you to inform us of every inch you take, or every emotion you feel; because no one cares.

That’s just the issue with the internet isn’t it. While people are out having fun, they still somehow feel the need to publish it online, as if what an “awesome time” they’re having isn’t quite “awesome” enough unless they post it on Facebook. Again, there lies the irony among many ironies borne from the internet. Facebook and other social sites are for people who are bored and have nothing better to do (let’s be honest), but when people aren’t bored and have better things to do, they still sought to facebook to grasp that intangible fulfillment it provides, inevitably leading us to question whether or not whether the site is sad or whether indeed it is the individual who is sad all along.

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