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Collaboration with She Visuals

A few months ago, I got to shoot with Shevaun from She Visuals – a high school friend and talented photographer. It never ceases to amaze me to see how far people have come since secondary school graduation. I sincerely cherish the time I was able to reconnect with Shevaun, being re-inspired by her work that seems to come so effortlessly. Shevaun’s photography captures what qualities I love and look for. Candid, moody, artistic, film-like, story-telling. With her natural talent and easy-going nature, we were able to shoot outfit photos that truly reflected what I would wear in that context. I had every intention of getting this up earlier, a post suited more for the cooler months. I guess with Melbourne, you just never know when a light (or heavy) coat could come in handy.

Photography: She Visuals

Pink coat: Topshop

Green coat: Alpha60

Top: Gorman

Layered turtleneck: American Apparel

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Wittner

For more photos from this shoot:

Prancing in Proteas

When Gorman collaborated with artist Dana Kinter for their Autumn 2017 collection, I was stoked to finally see Australian native florals celebrated at one of my favourite shop fronts. I was so excited, I bought not just one, but two(!!) items from this line – both of which feature the Protea flower. After calling nearly every single Gorman store in Melbourne, I finally got my hands on this Protea dress in my size, and decided to showcase it on a day out and about to wineries where I was to take some fun photos of my maid-of-honour and her husband-to-be!

Photography: Gaby, Kenny, Myself

Steely in Winter

One of my goals for 2017 is to collaborate with more creative people, create more quality content, and return to my jewellery. What better way to start that off than to shoot with our engagement party photographer for a much needed face lift on the blog. I really enjoy the care-free candid approach Sean has with his photography and I wanted to showcase this with a small outfit post.

Although the purpose of our shoot was to present the outfit, we took a more intuitive approach. Dressing for the location as opposed to dressing for the fashion. It was cold and we were blessed with intermittent rain, but meeting with grassland in all its tranquillity made it all worthwhile. The wimsy tall grass straws and their soft awns leave little to be uninspired by. Never underestimate the warmth winter foliage can bring. 

wear that summer skirt in winter

I have an unusual habit of having the desire to wear summer pieces in the winter (and vice versa), and I think this is because I enjoy the juxtaposition of styles and dynamic these contrasting pieces could create when a cohesive element can be found. I wanted to play with this idea today.

This unique skort is a number from – one of their sought after pieces which I actually wanted in the grey but could not locate anywhere in Australia due to its popularity. Nevertheless, I am glad I managed to get my hands on the red as it adds just enough colour to showcase the design. If I’m completely honest, I have not had a chance to wear this nearly enough times this skirt deserves to be worn. If you’re like me, and you have a few neglected statement skirts folded away in your closet, see how you can make the most of it even in the colder months!

This skirt is quite a challenge to wear in the winter season, as it is flowy, white, and thin (both in fabric thickness and quantity…if ya know what I mean). But there are two (perhaps fairly obvious) things I like to do when I want to wear a skirt casually during a cold day, without looking like a fool. Throw on a long sleeved top, a boxy knit, knee high or ankle boots layered with long socks for extra warmth. I chose to pair this skirt with a soft turtle neck long sleeve to match my black boots and off-set the feminine skirt. Rather than putting a coat on straight over, I prefer wearing large boxy knits (also with a high neck for extra-extra warmth) which creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

Photography: Sean Tak (@seantakphotos, @hithereheyhello)
Makeup: Myself
Skirt: Steele the label 
Jewellery: assorted, Lott Studio
Jumper: Country Road
Turtle neck: Dotti 

Don’t be that person on Vday.


Valentines Day isn’t for everyone. And I’m sure that I posted a blog once upon a time, admonishing the idea of the annual celebration, and that the day should instead be about the love for one’s self or that everyday should be a day of love and appreciation. But instead of hating on people who post gaudy images of gifts and stuffed toys among a bouquet of overpriced short lived red roses, let’s all as cynics find a way to embrace the positives that can come from this special day – whether or not you’re hitched.

The day does not have to exclusively be about or for couples, which has been made abundantly clear by individuals particularly fond of promoting self-love. It’s a day that should, and I believe is increasingly becoming about universal love between friends, family, pets, the community, and even for the place or country you live in.

It’s so easy to: get caught up with your own life and problems, forget that others around you are probably enduring the same daily grind, take for granted or miss the small thoughtful gestures people might do for you. You may not see or understand the hype and excitement around Valentines Day, but the ruckus it causes could serve as a useful reminder to think about someone else other than yourself for a change, and may even prompt you to show your appreciation for the person who has shown you they care all the other times you were too busy dealing with problems life brings.

And what’s so bad about having a day that might reignite the flames of a relationship that has forgotten about romance? Although, of course, it should not take a particular day to motivate this kind of action, it might just be the saving grace for a relationship in dire need of some tlc.

So yes, Valentines Day is to some extent quite superficial – but it doesn’t have to be. It need not be adorned with sparkly what-nots or a hefty price tag or rose petals on top of bed sheets or bath tubs. Much like anything else in life, you’re in charge of making any day and every day a meaningful and worthwhile Valentines.

We celebrated our 10th year together (as well as Valentines Day) over the weekend in Geelong where Ken is currently studying.

Linen Love

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. That place again. A blogger’s  blog – incomplete without the infamous outfit posts at the Royal Exhibition Building. Since we were there for the Big Design Market anyways, I decided to get in a few quick shots. I have been searching for a linen dress just like this one that wasn’t so ridiculously priced. When I came across this one I was ecstatic! design4Dress: Alice in the Eve | Bag: Benah for Karen Walker | Cardigan: Romwe | Sunnies: Ray Bans | Shoes: Wittner | Jewellery: Emclectic Collection, Karen Walker
design5 design6 design7design8 design3 design9 design10 design1


Girl Talk

We’re on the edge of Spring here in Melbourne, but with our temperamental weather you can simply never tell if it’s edging forward or backwards into Winter once more. Transitional fashion trends can be tricky especially as it involves tricky layering of what are essentially Spring pieces. Some of the trends I’ve noticed are the long line sleeveless cardigans, lightweight trench ‘coats’, one-shoulder tops, wrap-everything, airy wide legged pants and bell sleeves. All in the colours of a simple palette of neutrals and light muted colours (similar to that of trendy fashion insta accounts). It’s funny how we see similar trends translate across all fashion/design disciplines.

I love lightweight trousers, especially paired with a good pair of heels. I have on the Tony Bianco ‘Dakotah’, which looks deceitfully UNcomfortable – how can a pointed shoe with a tall stiletto heel ever be comfy?

For context, I’m a size 5-5.5 and I have narrow feet. Although I seem to have tiny feet, this does not mean that shoes don’t hurt on me. In fact, nearly all pointed shoes cause discomfort despite my narrow feet. However, to my surprise, these heels are unbelievable easy and comfortable to walk in for a long period of time. They’re soft (thanks to the suade leather) and they’re 10cm tall, just below my heel-competency threshold. The added lace up provides support at the ankle also.  Honestly, I had started to think that this was just going to be a shoe that fills my trend-chasing desires. Thankfully, they fulfil so much more, offering practicality and an utterly flattering shoe fit for both the colder (shields them toes) and warmer months!

dako1 dako2 dako3 dako4 dako5 dako6


Location Hunting

NEWFOUNDCONFIDENCEEver since the bloggers meet-up, I think I have been able to embrace what I enjoy doing more, even if, for now it’s just a mental thing. I definitely haven’t reached the point where I could shamelessly pose in a crowded public area just for the sake of an outfit photo just yet though. People always say, if you take your work seriously, others will take it seriously. This seems to be the kind of positive energy I’ve been feeling just from meeting like-minded people who are not afraid to do what they love doing. You gotta start somewhere right? I have driven pass this wall in the neighbourhood a million times, but never found the courage to take photos in front of it – now I have. And hopefully, I’ll locate some more nice walls to build this blog with a variety of outfit photos.

I took my strappy flats out for a spin today. I paired it with culottes, a basic T to pair it all down and a coat to keep me warm (not pictured). Strappy flats and culottes do indeed seem like a piece that is meant to be reserved for warmer temperatures, but after testing this ensemble today I can certainly say that yes, it works with a winter outfit! I am obsessed with all things strappy and feel like I want to buy more in different variations. With my fixation on strappy things, I also bought myself some dresses with strappy details…unfortunately I wasn’t 100% happy with the size so I’m going to have to send it back and order a larger size. So I don’t get to wear it to my Thailand trip like I had planned to 🙁 !!! I guess it’s better than keeping the wrong size. I’ll post about it once I get back from the trip, and hopefully with lots to say 😉

IMG_0893IMG_0895 IMG_0896

xo, Em

Ootd#3: Winter Pearls







Dress: Supre | Necklace: TopShop | Bar Earrings: Etsy | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic | Lipstick: YSL Glossy Stain No. 17 “Encre Rose” | Shoes: Tony Bianco “Lorelle”

Last night we went to visit Omnom for dessert/dinner – thanks to Masterchef. Ken and I went for the Express Tasting on the menu which included two savoury dishes at the start and two desserts at the end. Let’s just say that Omnom is called a “Dessert Bar” for a reason. The savoury dishes were too sweet for my liking. While the salad was quite good, the rocket was just a tad bit too bitter. The duck and kale dish was a bit of a disaster as the duck was cold and bland, and nothing much else stood out on the plate other than the overall sugary taste.The dessert was awesome though, (esp the Basil Garden) but the Pinapple Verrine was odd because it had red pepper in it. For those who like a bit of strange in their meals (strange seating arrangements – included), maybe Omnom is the place for you. Even though it wasn’t that bad, I was seated on a pretty decorated swinging seat that hung off the ceiling. This would have been more fun (and much less awkward) if it wasn’t a chair that was shared with other couples. Dining was a rocky ride (can I say that?)

Overall experience:
Service – terrific
Food – 6/10


Invisible toilets!

IMG_4903 IMG_4904IMG_4906IMG_4908xo, Emily