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Besides my little hiccup and dash of defiant behaviour, I have found my ground and admit (maybe hypocritically?) that I do not admire people who take undue credit. Above all else, I value honesty, and I can say un-hypocritically that I have never been dishonest about my work. For a long time I’ve been working towards designs that are more versatile but unique to the market. It was not until recently that I can truly say I’ve found my niche that stands a little apart from everyone else.

Polymer clay has always been a huge market. It is a forgiving medium and is easily accessible to crafters and artists alike. I have seen more and more great jewellers who form big beads of all different shapes, sizes and colours. However, often great designs get lost in the flooded business, making it more and more difficult to be “individual” where everybody seems to be drawing inspiration from one another left, right and centre. In my ongoing pursuit to be just a little bit different – I have since moved away from what is abundant in the market, and now moving towards a more stream-lined aesthetic that is delicate yet still reserves an element of the old.

My Delicates Collection draws from my older designs (such as The Original Links collection), shrunk into miniature size so that it’s perfect for layering. Its dainty quality seems to suit a wider audience whilst still preserving its unique nature. I hope that alongside my Diamond Project Collection, that this will stick as a permanent aesthetic to my brand.

homepage5NEW coming soonhomepage1
coming soonIMG_0910
Euphemism TrioIMG_0925
Point Delicate StudsIMG_0927
Acne 6OL
IMG_0941Acne 3OL

Thank-you to all of those who have given me continual support on this artistic journey! Please visit my site ( for more of these delicates, with more colours coming later this season!

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