Value yourself too.

Recording a few more thoughts around the same ideas. I am human, negative feelings and experiences of inadequacy return all the time. Writing on this blog reminds me of just this – that we are filled with contradictions and paradoxes, and while it isn’t always a good excuse, it is part of the human condition. 

I can’t say that I don’t chase for public affirmation through the amount of followers and likes I receive. It’s so hard to shake the deluded perception that the amount of people you have following your social media page equivocates to your value. It’s not so much about popularity, it’s about seeking recognition for the work that we do and the ideas that we create. As more and more time passes, and the more I re-experience the feelings of being unrecognised and unacknowledged – the more I realise how much more complex and difficult it is to suspend the desires for social-media gratification.

You must think – gosh she’s 24 and she’s still concerned with juvenile and superficial things such as these – does she not have better things to worry about?

Being one of the many young people who heavily indulge in the use of the internet, involved in it as a ‘blogger’, and someone who sees the internet as a platform for sharing ideas – it is almost inevitable to be concerned with these ‘superficial’ matters. The fact that social media is so heavily embedded in our everyday lives – the fact that we are teaching our children how to navigate and use the internet to our advantage; goes to show that the internet is (in its own right) a new language for our century.

So something that at first seems superficial, is perhaps not so superficial after all. This is important. We need to concede that ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ is a reality that needs to be addressed. We need to remind ourselves that these signs and signals are artificial constructs and do not determine or measure our worth.

And I must remember that I have more to offer than what number appears on my screen.

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