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Special Possessions | Reblog Series #2

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You always see in movies a character who owns this one piece of jewellery that has sentimental value. You also notice that it’s the only piece of jewellery they are wearing on their body.

I always find it touching to watch and listen to the story behind these special objects, and I realised that there’s not much of that these days anymore. Yes there’s always that special gift from a loved one, but given how fortunate many of us are now, these gifts are easily overshadowed by other material possessions. In a contemporary world where the young are perhaps more concerned than they should be about style, fashion, and the latest must-have – that special something finds it difficult to find itself a permanent place on an individual’s body. It is constantly switched up and replaced with more special items, and its value seems to drop with every additional item one comes to possess.

It’s just a thought. Of course we can cherish many things at one time. It’s what makes us human. We could be mistaking our big hearts for greed (but which also makes us humans). We have a heart which constantly desires; its pace increases with the increasingly fast-paced world full of temptation. This is how it is. We possess more, and grow more possessive. No amount of possessions is enough, so I guess it’s only natural for  that special object to struggle to hold the most value at all times…

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