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Texting étiquette | Reblog Series #1

There are many posts I wrote in my old blog on my opinions about everything and anything. These days, I have found very little motivation, or have had little desire to express any of my thoughts. As a result, I have been writing less. In an attempt to reignite critical thinking, I have decided to re-post my old posts to this blog as part of an “Opinion” segment to truly capture what the essence of this blog is about (more than pretty pictures, but hopefully also containing some thought-provoking content).

There are always those few people you know who seem to have trouble eliciting the appropriate tone when engaging in online conversation, or through some form of technological device. I can’t lie, it’s annoying.

It could be the lack of “lols”, or maybe I’m just too accustomed with using it excessively. But according to my understanding, “lol” no longer serves its original purpose. (This youtube video sums it up better than I do: These days, “lol” does not only signify “laugh out loud”; it is also used to express joviality or to make a statement sound less like you’re a whining bitch or like you’re simply disinterested in the conversation you are currently engaged in.

It could be the overuse of fullstops. Fullstops give off a very short blatant tone. No duh right? Then why do people still do it? Or maybe I shouldn’t blame them because it’s probably that annoying [SPACE][.] auto full stop? Yet maybe I should hold them guilty for being lazy and insensitive about other people’s feelings. Why should one care any less about their manners through text than they do in real time?

It could be the absence of simple emoticons.

It could be the abandoned exclamation marks.

Whilst all of these things could be missing from the texting etiquette, I also don’t mean that they’re all so crucial as to leave texters looking like an over-enthused teeny bopper high on cocaine.

It could just be the diction. One’s simple choice of words. The addition or omission of words and detail. Might all seem very finicky, and no big deal.

But if our generation is going to celebrate the exploding digital platform and online world, with less and less emphasis in real world interaction, then we better also start taking everyday online etiquette more seriously. Why else do you think online bullying is such a real issue these days.


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