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You can never be too ready when setting up yourself for the future. It hasn’t been until recently where I’ve really begun to take interest in my future home – you know you’re getting old when all your friends around you are getting married, moving out, and would rather shop in the homeware section over the clothing aisles. I guess that’s just it, being able to experience “the next chapter” vicariously through my friends has given me some good insight as to how seriously I have to save up in order to be able to gratify my expensive taste. I’ve also become aware of how difficult it is to envisage the kind of aesthetic you want your future space to be…it’s easy finding bits and bobs that you love, but putting it all together is a whole other learning curve of its own.

My style and taste is constantly evolving. Looking into the future now will give me time to discover what it is I like, what is practical, and what is long lasting. I always thought I would go the “minimalistic” route. But the minimalistic home isn’t, like all “minimalistic” trends, very minimal at all. Minimalism is a concept or lifestyle that demands simplicity, removing anything that is not a necessity and promoting things that are only vital. In the context of fashion, this suggests that things are low maintenance and essential. In reality, this has become nothing more than an aesthetic. It’s a trend which takes more effort to maintain and a lot more money to obtain. Take, for example, that white couch, that marble table, and those overpriced white dishes with gold brimming. Personally, I feel like the “minimalist” aesthetic has become too cliched, banal, and unimaginative.

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Working towards a new aesthetic and aspiration


I do not claim ownership of the images present in this post

This post previews some inspo that captures elements of the aesthetics around a somewhat new palette for my jewellery line this Spring/Summer.

I am so excited to work with the talented girls over at BigPictureStuff and the stunning Livia Lai on a future shoot! The girls at BigPictureStuff have sharp eyes and amazing with the camera, perfect for someone like Livia who knows how to work the camera with her natural poise in front of the lense as well as an amazing sense of style. Although these plans are still in the works, I am so grateful to have been able to meet such generous individuals willing to collaborate, share their ideas and help one another grow. This is such a breath of fresh air in this competitive and sometimes disingenuous market.1418636682986
This image beautifully incorporates a mirror to showcase TianStudios handmade silk scarves. The colourful prints is made as the star of the show with the model dressed simply and white background.
Hunter_LaceUp-4 IMG_5422-2 IMG_5432 IMG_6438Hunter the Label has their styling and photographs down to a T. Ps. can someone please buy their pieces for me? I love how the background and dulled earthy colours compliment the clothing but without taking away from the product. For me, the setting of these images work symbiotically with the clothing and makes the consumer want to be there and dress like that. I think this is the most important aspect of these shots. It portrays something that is wearable to the every-day person but it certainly does not sacrifice style. It embodies the  casual, laid back, ‘down to earth’ girl who carries herself effortlessly but fashionably at the same time. These are the ideas I hope the girls could help me capture but perhaps with a touch of high fashion/studio quality. I could do without the slight graininess of those photographs, a clearer and crisper photograph would display the smaller products like jewellery a little better. 
Nylons_HeatherLighton2014021 Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 7.06.06 pmI have also been a fan of Nylon jewellery for a while, their crystals incased with netting is such a great way of modernising bling – I noticed later than Swarvoski has done the same thing. Their shoot with Emma Downey (who I have a Instagram girl crush on) has an almost airy quality to it with the use of soft pastel colours in both the background and the make-up. The only way I could describe it is, conservatively fun? It uses colour but it’s subtle – a popular palette appearing in many Instagram account these days – and I am guilty of attempting to achieve this and being on the same bandwagon as this trend. Speaking of which – the below Instagram screen shots are among the few I would like to emulate in the shoot.
Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.14.23 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.15.07 pmimage1xxl image1xxll I’ve been loving simple silhouettes and plain clothing, as well as the slightly ill-fitted kind you see at Gorman. These are the kinds of clothes I can imagine my jewellery being paired with. The image at the beginning of the post wears a simple t-shirt with a high crew neck, similarly, the above image also features a pale blue high crew neck tank – these go great with any statement necklace! (I also love her dewey make-up and hair!) While tops that bare the shoulders are suited to delicate pieces. IMG_5052Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 3.48.00 pm

I intend to include the twiggy-make up (the eyes) to reference the pop art concepts that tie into the ideas behind some of the jewellery. Other ideas with makeup include the dewey face with a sift grungy eye and simple lips. Hair: pulled back tightly into a pony tail, or the totally opposite rout of relaxed, slightly messy to one side either tied or left down. I’ve yet to decide!


Will be back with another post of our Thailand trip when I find the time! Oh, and hope you all like my revamped blog! Please let me know if you can see all/most of the images, I think I’m still having some technical issues with that…


Melbourne Bloggers Meet-up – Part 1


I promised myself I would write more, so here I am, writing.

So… before the photo diary… I wanted to get this all down while the excitement and awe is still fresh!

It all started with a beautifully designed invite from Cherry (hope you don’t mind me sharing, it’s too pretty not to!)


I’d like to hope that the public sees us as more than just girls who like to dress up, take seflies and pretty photos and probably spend too much time trawling through social media. I’m a skeptic and a cynic, believe me, I understand. But before you guys cringe and shudder, I can honestly say that this experience was both a privilege and an inspiration.

It’s incredible what can be achieved when like-minded people come together. It seemed like something that only existed on famous Youtubers’ channels from the US or on FashionBloggersTV.

Thanks to Charmaine and Cherry’s (the Collective Curators) incredible efforts to host a seriously legit event, we were all able to take “OOTDs” shamelessly(?) at the Stables of Como..for..would you believe it.. a full hour and a half. While I’m quite an introverted person, it certainly doesn’t take one to notice the rest of the public face-palming at our shenanigans – a group of 20 girls hovering over tables in order to get that perfect Instagram photo. It was definitely nothing short of amusing.

The venue (easy to get to and plenty of parking, perfect spot to take photos), goodies/care packages and name tags were not the only things impressive about the event that the girls went lengths to organise. What was also impressive was the fact that everyone turned up, and no psychotic pedo fell into the mix. I’m joking. It’s just that the world doesn’t really have a great track record with meeting people from the online world. So for that I give credit to the girls for having good sense.

What I loved the most about this was that ultimately, everyone I met was the relatable average joe (I mean this in the best possible way!); just normal people doing what they love, and supporting others with the same passion and hobby.

I swear I had a lot more to say before writing this post…so I’ll leave it for Part 2. I’ll include a few photos from today that I took with my iPhone (regrettably, I did not bring my dslr/vlogging camera with me today…damn I always ceebs at the last minute then regret it later on). Hopefully I can steal some photos from the others and share them with you all!


Photo courtesy of @lawstore


Our gorgeous hosts; Cherry & Charmaine


Photo courtesy of @savoix

IMG_4155 IMG_4158 IMG_4160Stay tuned for part 2!

Yours truly.

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Found these photos on Tumblr, and fell in love. When I get my own house, and if it ever be possible, boy-o-boy do I wish it looked like this! But oops, I told myself this wouldn’t actually turn into Tumblr, rather something of the kind but with more content and careful thought (I’m finding it very difficult to word it so that I don’t sound like I’m slamming everyone who uses Tumblr or sound pretentious, lol).

Industrial, white walls, light neutrals that add a tiny bit of warmth which can easily be adjusted for fresh Summers and crisp Winters. I love the cool, minimalistic vibes the rooms in these photos carry because it’s not so stripped back to the point of feeling too clinical. I also love the nooks and crannies, the interesting angular architecture which, although absolutely stunning, I can imagine to be a pain in the arse to find furniture for. Nevertheless, something like this is what I’m sure to strive for (on a budget and when the time comes) to create a blank but not bare canvas which is eclectic and versatile for any phase/mood/aesthetic I might be into at the time.







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